D-Link Wireless N 300 Mbps Home Cloud App-Enabled Broadband Router (DIR-605L)

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The D-Link Cloud Router gives you peace of mind when you're away and gives you a fast network when you're at home.With this router, you can quickly and easily control and monitor your home network from anywhere by downloading the free mydlink Lite App from the Apple iTunes Store or Android Market. View what devices are on your home network and what sites are being visited, which is great for parents. Wireless N300 technology offers more speed, extended coverage and virtually no dead spots while still being compatible with previous wireless network standards. Just use the easy setup wizard to create a secure wireless network in minutes.

Customer Reviews

reliable, solid router with wireless performance comparable to routers twice as expensive

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 on July 23, 2012
By dakishimesan
In my capacity as IT admin, general geek, and most importantly family tech support rep, I make lots of recommendations for tech purchasing. So when both my parents and myself needed new routers to replace aging 802.11g routers, I went to work researching. Long story short — this router from Dlink, the 605L, is extremely reliable and has excellent range, which are the most important criteria for home users. Solid routers are notoriously difficult to find/recommend. You may have noticed that even the highest-rated routers on Amazon (such as the Cisco-Linksys e4200v2 and the Asus Dark Knight n66u) both have as many as 15-30% 1 and 2-star reviews! Why is there so much divergence in opinion? For one, networking equipment performance varies depending on location installed, and the experience of the installer. Choosing the right place to put the router, upgrading to the most stable firmware, and choosing the right channel/band/bandwidth are just as important as the device itself.

Make sure to update the firmware!

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 on October 23, 2016
By Paul-Angelo
I was initially going to give it 2 stars because of issues related to the signal strength and doing a speed test. I was having issues with the connection to my iphone. When I was right next to the router I would get 25mbs speed. I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment so when I would go into my bedroom which is barely 20 to 30ft from the router my speed would drop down between .5 to 3mbps. I was ready to send the router back to Amazon but first I wanted to do some research and see if I could do something to solve my issues. After doing some searching online I realized I needed to update the firmware. I logged into the router and checked the firmware version. I was from early 2012 which was version 1.1 After checking for updates it downloaded version 1.14 and updated. The router now works without any signal strength issues and I am getting much faster speeds on my iphone. So make sure if you are having similar issues to update the firmware.

A really nice and really cheap router!

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 on October 31, 2017
By Charles
I absolutely love this router. It’s easy to set up, signal strength is good, and it has a cool security feature where you can ban all devices from connecting unless they have the right MAC address, for a little extra protection. Instead of replacing my old wireless DSL modem/router combo I plugged this into it and then disabled the wifi on the DSL modem. Now I have newer, more secure wifi hanging off the old modem. It’s pretty small and doesn’t get terribly hot either. Been working fine for a few weeks now with no issues relating to bandwidth or reliability.

Very fast wireless router!!

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 on March 29, 2018
By blueriderwy
So far it has been a great wireless router. We have 150+Mbps service through Comcast and I’m able able to get the full speed when running Speed Test on my LG G6 phone using 5Ghz (usually I get 200+Mbps). I have an older dell laptop but it usually gets 60+Mbps on 2.4Ghz. On our Roku devices they usually get 20+Mbps when running the Netflix speed test, so plenty of speed to run 1080p movies. I’m quite impressed with the range. It works well in our two level town house. I wish it had removable antennas but they could be installed with some modifications to the case and the necessary parts. The interface is pretty good (compared to other routers I’ve used). The one odd problem I had was it would not accept the “%” character as part of the wifi password. When the save button was clicked, it would just show a garbled mess where the password was. I couldn’t find any answers as to why so I just didn’t use that character. That was the only issues I had with the interface. It was easy to setup everything else.

Fast, easy-to-set-up, reliable router at a great price (unless you are Wi-Fi Junkies, needing more "speed," i.e., 1500 or 1900.

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 on June 6, 2018
By oh-please
Bought this to replace a SEVEN-YEAR OLD A/G/N router, also a much earlier D-Link model (the DIR-655). The new one is far more (physically) lightweight, but who cares? Because it’s setup software and “admin dashboard” are FAR, FAR better and easier to use than the old model. AND (to our amazement), even our home-wide Ethernet network (wired) is MUCH snappier than with the older model. Progress! We only have Wi-Fi for (frequent guests), but this IS a dual-band “AC” (the successor to “N”) model, at “only” 1200 speed, which is fine for the freeloader visiting us. Ha ha. We bought another D-Link because the first one has been SO reliable (it was still chugging along, albeit slowly). Thanks, D-Link

Good product but poorly delivered.

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 on March 27, 2018
By Tech Eng
Great value and easy to setup. You don’t need to have it connected to your modem to set it up through the internet like some reviews claim, if you know how to network the router directly to your laptop, with a direct Ethernet cable connection. The only thing I didn’t like about the whole experience is that Amazon delivered the item in front of my garage door in my back alley as we have rear garage alley ways, and not a back porch as the driver said in his delivery report, so anyone could have taken the package, because driver did not drive around to the front to leave it on the porch as most of my deliveries from Amazon, must’ve had a different or new driver.