TP-Link AC1350 Wireless Dual Band WiFi Router (Archer C59)

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AC1350 Wireless Dual Band Router

Customer Reviews

FINALLY! WIFI everywhere!

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 on April 10, 2017
By m.patten
This is by far the best WIFI extender I have ever used. I have a multi level house and wifi is challenging. Full signal in some parts of the house and in others,..there is none. I have tried MANY MANY wifi units similar to this. I’m very tech savvy and pride myself in figuring stuff out with out directions. However, that is very different with some wifi extenders. They are complicated to set up and do not work good at all. I had good luck with the TP-Link light sockets with the echo and setup was a breeze. So I decided to take one more shot at yet another wifi extender. Choosing the TP-Link in hopes it would work just as good. I really don’t understand these other reviews that state how hard it is to set up. This wifi extender is truly easy to set up. This is what i did,….Quick instructions right on the side of the box. Plug in the TP-Link, close to your router, the green light flashes, press the WPS button on your router, then press the signal button on the extender. The green light flashes, goes solid green, goes solid red then after 5-10 seconds the light stays solid green. The unit is now paired with your router.

Works great, easy set up.

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 on July 9, 2016
By Webnuts
Could barely get a signal in my garage, now with this extender I have an excellent connection. Set up was easy, literally push two buttons and it’s done.

Amazing! Would give 6 Stars if I could!

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 on May 24, 2017
By Erin Costello
Oh man, I am over the moon about this product. My bedroom is the basement of the house, so the wifi just barely reached, and has a very weak signal. This extender is a life saver. It took maybe 2 minutes to set up, the hardest part was getting it out of the box! It amplifies the signal perfectly, and I find that it actually makes my wifi faster, as less people are using it! HouseWifi is my normal wifi signal in my room and the HouseWifi_EXT is the extenders wifi signal in my room. Look at the difference! I will be convincing my family to buy these for the farther parts of the house. In love!!

Excellent Router that Punches Well Above its Price Point — Buy It

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 on October 3, 2016
By Tech Dude
I found this router through a third party website review (the Wire Cutter), that aptly called this, “the Best Wi-Fi Router (for Most People).” I would probably amend that title and say, “the Best Wi-Fi Router (for Virtually Everyone).” Do not let the low price fool you into thinking it’s an entry level or low-end model. It only costs around $100 but, from my observations against four other routers that cost considerably more, it performs well beyond its price point. I have purchased a number of routers over the years as the technology and performance improves, and the number of devices my family uses has increased. Over the past few years, I had migrated to the more expensive ($300+) routers in the hopes of greater performance. Right before this, I had an Asus RT-AC5300, a beast of a router that exceeded $400 when I bought it. But what I found was that as the price point goes up, the performance does not, and the reliability goes down. These expensive routers tend to be buggy and drop connections; they simply have too many features and are way too complex, all to provide functionalities that no one uses, or that none of your connected devices support anyway.

Results speak for themselves.

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 on August 16, 2016
By S. Yedavalli
Attached is a before after results of the speedtest that I ran in the wifi dead zone. Enough said. Cheers.

and this one seemed great for the price

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 on August 21, 2017
By Winston
I don’t typically write Amazon reviews, but I feel this warrants one. My modem and router are kept downstairs, and my upstairs study is an almost complete dead zone, I’m lucky to get above 1-4 Mbps, while other rooms get 20-25 Mbps. I researched wifi range extenders, and this one seemed great for the price. It arrived a day earlier than planned, and after 5 minutes pairing it with my network, it was plugged in and working perfectly. My computers now average about 22-24 Mbps in my study, which has a huge effect on my productivity and general enthusiasm for life. A few notes: It does not have a cord, it plugs directly into an outlet like a nightlight It automatically creates a new network named yournetwork + “_EXT” It’s smaller than I thought, about the size of 3 stacked packs of post-it notes If you use your internet everyday for school or work, slow speeds speeds can be detrimental. This completely fixed the issue for me. The most $20 has every improved my life. Other more expensive models probably have some features this doesn’t, but if you just want to fix dead zones for not much money, this is the answer.

Seriously large range

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 on October 19, 2016
By N. Vollrath
Got this based on the other reviewers’ claims that it gave good range and they were right…it provides excellent coverage throughout our two-story 2900 sq ft house, the garage, and well out onto the property. Definitely worth the money.