Motorola AC2600 4×4 WiFi Smart Gigabit Router with Extended Range, Model MR2600

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The Motorola MR2600 provides a high-speed intelligent link between all your local WiFi and Ethernet devices and whatever Ethernet-capable modem you choose for Internet access. The MR2600 delivers very high speeds and extended range even when you're far from your router of surrounded by WiFi noise from neighbors. The MR2600 connects via AC2600 dual band WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet to all your HDTVs, smartphones, game stations, computers, tablets, and more. Four external adjustable antennas provide concurrent 4X4 WiFi performance at both 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHz. Implicit and explicit beamforming targets the WiFi signal to each of your WiFi devices resulting in blazing fast WiFi speeds and extended range. 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology dramatically speeds up your network, allowing high-speed communication with multiple WiFi devices. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and other video streaming services can be delivered to many devices at the same time through the Motorola's MR2600's 4 Gigabit LAN ports or through WiFi. Router features include USB 3.0 port with DLNA media sharing support, a Dual Core processor, Smart QoS (Quality of Service) support, a user-friendly firewall, IPv4 and IPv6 support, parental controls, guest network capability, and more. The MR2600 features Motorola quality, a 2-year warranty, and friendly, professional support from the USA. Best of all, the MR2600 offers the value, performance, and attention to quality that make Motorola a leader in WiFi and Internet access products.

Customer Reviews

Ultimately, the MR2600 is priced well, fast, and it doesn’t do anything wrong

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 on May 31, 2018
By Buris
The Motorola MR2600 is a rather new router, with the advertised speed being AC2600 for (at the time of this review) a great price. The description AC2600 refers to the combined speed of the 2.4Ghz (n) and 5Ghz (ac) bands. This is advertised from Motorola as Up to 800 Mbps* at 2.4 GHz, and Up to 1733 Mbps* at 5 GHz. This means the fastest file transfers you’ll be seeing will be limited to either 800Mbps N, 1733Mbps AC, or more likely, the Gigabit (1000Mbps) Ethernet ports on the Router itself. The aesthetic design of the Motorola MR2600 itself is very impressive. The Router doesn’t look like it was made from cheap plastic, nor does it use an overly-glossy ‘expensive’ plastic that dust loves to rest on almost immediately. The Motorola logo makes this router seem more like a business appliance rather than just another consumer-grade router. It has one USB 3.0 port on the front of the device for NAS (Network-attached-Storage) devices, which is interesting, because it would be an absolute eye-sore for a hard drive enclosure to be connected in the front of the router, unless you keep your router in a closet somewhere. The bottom of the device has plenty of ventilation space for airflow.

Well built; above average wifi range; basic router menu; excellent price/value

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 on August 27, 2018
By D4D
This Motorola AC2600 wifi router, Model MR2600, is a well built, attractive router built by a trusted technology company. I have it paired with a new Motorola MB 7621 24 ch cable modem. I opted for the individual Motorola cable modem and router configuration over the combo unit (Motorola MG7700) because I wanted four external antennas which should provide better wifi distribution throughout my house. The 2.4 Ghz wifi range is EXCELLENT. The 5 Ghz range is ABOVE AVERAGE. Setup, even changing SSID’s, administrator log-in passwords, etc takes just a couple of minutes. It features a dual core processor, MU-MIMO, beamforming wifi,Smart QOS, etc. I run multiple devices on the network simultaneously controlled by this Motorola router seamlessly including multiple desktop and laptop computers, wifi enabled iPhones/Androids/iPad’s/tablets, Roku’s,Echo, Ecobee, etc. It reportedly supports 253 devices at once. The router menu functions are really basic but will work fine for the average home/SOHO user. The build quality is excellent featuring four gigabit (1000 mbps) ethernet external ports to connect wired devices, four large external antennas, etc.

A Great Router with Fantastic Customer Support

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 on September 19, 2018
By Fred Smith
I purchased this router with the goal of boosting the Wifi signal at a remote mobile home on my property. The signal must pass through the exterior wall of the main house, travel an approximate distance of 300 feet (with a few large trees as obstacles), and finally pass through the exterior wall of the mobile home. To make the task even more difficult, both exterior walls have metal (aluminum) siding. My experience so far is that it works very well. The received signal inside the mobile home has been increased from virtually no connection (worse than -90 dBm) when using my old router to -70 to -75 dBm with the AC2600. This is a significant increase in the received signal, but it is still not quite where I would like it to be. Some optimization of the router location, WiFi channel selection, and antenna positioning may improve this somewhat. I had a lot of technical questions before my purchase in an attempt to determine if the router would serve my purposes. The customer service and answers that I received before I even purchased the router were very prompt and detailed. I have nothing but praise for the service provided. And, of course, I am also very happy with my purchase.

Motorola thankfully wasn’t on FBI list of routers affected by VPNFilter. Good support and good router.

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 on June 14, 2018
By Sacramento Pine
The router works extremely well for 4 ethernet ports + the latest home wireless network. Motorola provides excellent support. After FBI and Cisco report Russian VPNFilter on Netgear, Linksys, TPLink, etc.—I took their advice and tried to reset my Netgear (1 year old) router. VPNFilter destoyed it. Netgear gave me no help. So…Motorola wasn’t on the FBI list of affected routers. Motorola talked to me within 2 minutes to find the right one. It works beautifully. There is hope.

The Motorola AC2600 is a surprisingly strong router for its …

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 on June 24, 2018
By Irrelevant
The Motorola AC2600 is a surprisingly strong router for its price point. My network speeds increased slightly over my old Asus AC 1300 router and signal strength has improved. On my Asus router, I had only four bars signal strength (not sure of the exact number) from about 10-12 feet away with one wall between the router and my PC. With the Motorola router, it has increased to five bars (Again, not sure of exact number). My only minor complaint is that the Motorola AC2600 doesn’t support MAC address filtering which is odd considering that routers that cost up to half as much or more do support it. My Asus router cost me $50 and it supported MAC address filering on a per band basis. Hopefully Motorola will add support in a future firmware.

The distance covered

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 on June 20, 2018
By Sweetness
My internet service provider package speed was 60 mps, the old netgear N600 was good but I think it time was up as it kept going in and out and only receiving 38 mps at the worst spot in the house,after switching it out with this router we are now getting 59 mps in that same spot.Do far so good.

What a machine!

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 on July 6, 2018
By WB Hickok
What a machine! I had been limping along for too many years with a Airport Express, now I flying along! So easy to set up, and it’s good looking too! Can’t miss with this.

Had it for a few days now

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 on September 1, 2018
By D3N1Z3Nx
I had a dlink switch that was replaced by this product. I needed a router because I bought the modem that Motorola (zoom) also makes. The two are very similar in software design. They work great together and are stupid proof. I get 178mb download on the speed test now. I couldn’t break 10 before, but I also had Comcast guy over and had him rewire my house direct to the internet feed and remove all splitters etc. I am now getting 178mb over the 5 ghz band to my gaming rig. Your wireless adapter is an important part of the speed rating. I have a little 8 dollar unit in the living room that is supposed to be N spec and it won’t pull down over 12gb per second. Don’t skimp out and you won’t regret it. Get this router while it’s out there, it’s a steal. Don’t be confused about thinking you can use a switch/hub to do a router’s job either, you can’t.